Turned Parts Manufacturers

turned parts manufacturers

Looking for Turned Parts Manufacturers?

Do you work in an industry that regularly uses turned parts? If you work in industries such as hydraulic, oil and gas, medical or petrochemical, amongst other sectors, the chances are you use equipment that contains turned parts every day.

Turned parts are specialist engineering components that require expert technicians and purpose-built machines to manufacture. If you are needing turned parts, then contact manufacturers that know what they’re doing and will provide dedicated services.

No matter what variation of part you are looking for, good turned parts manufacturers will have the capabilities to supply the ones that you require.


Types of Turned Parts

There are a selection of turned parts available to be manufactured. The most widely used ones are precision turned parts, steel turned parts, plastic turned parts and brass turned parts.

Precision Turned Parts – Manufactured using a combination of high-standard sliding head technology, CNC machinery and conventional engineering tools. They are principally used by industrial companies as replacements for damaged machinery parts. Work cannot be performed without these parts.

Steel Turned Parts – Good durability so has long-lasting abilities. They also do not corrode emphasising their strength. Affordable for bulk orders but still reliable.

Plastic Turned Parts – Can be created from various materials such as nylon, acrylic, PVCu and Polypropylene. Have excellent wearing characteristics, able to bear a lot and providing a cost-effective option should you not want to use metal.

Brass Turned Parts – Water resistant and does not suffer corrosion easily. Also offers aesthetic qualities, to give turned parts an enticing look, especially important for accessories that that will be seen or used by the public.

Turned parts feature in objects we all use every day. They are vital components that specialist manufacturers will work hard to supply you with if you need them to.