Pot Magnets Uses

A pot magnet is a magnet that is encased in a steel shell, this can sometimes be called a pot hence why they are known as “Pot” magnets. The steel shell it is encased in helps the pot magnet increase its holding power.

There are many pot magnet uses, below we will name a few but there are so many more.

Pot magnet uses

Magnetic Light fittings, one of the pot magnets uses are that they are used to suspend light fittings from ceilings, the magnet can be attached to the light to hold into the metal in the ceiling.

Another of a pot magnet uses is for exhibition display signs, usually, countersunk pot magnets will be used to attach large exhibition display signs for marketing purposes.

Doorstops are another of a pot magnets uses, usually, an internally threaded stud pot magnet would be used for this. This would be used to protect a door from closing all the way shut.

Magnetic bases are another one of a pot magnets uses, these are deep internal threaded pot magnets that are used as a magnetic base for many things, such as tools, lights and gauges.

For all of the pot magnet uses there are many examples we could go on all day but the main types of pot magnet are Countersunk, through-hole, stud, internal threaded and bi pole, all of which have their own specific jobs.

When looking to purchase pot magnets, always buy from a reputable supplier and buy good quality. Things to look out for are :

No dirt or damage on the magnet: make sure that the magnet is clean, and has no defects, things like rust can cause air gaps between the magnet, decreasing the amount of holding power the magnet has.

Magnets can be made from materials that can be brittle, Look out for any chips or cracks on the surface of the magnet as this will affect the magnets strength and its holding power.

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