Hot Tapping Companies

What is Hot Tapping?

Hot tapping, also known as pressure tapping, is the process of drilling or cutting into a pressurised system, such as pipelines or pressure vessels, without having to move the whole pipeline from being in service.

When is Hot Tapping Used?

Hot tapping is best utilised to repair areas of pipework that have mechanical damage or corrosion. Hot tapping companies can also use it if expansion is needed, such as adding branches for system modifications.

What are the Benefits for Hot Tapping Companies?

There are clear economic and environmental benefits to hot tapping companies by using this method
• Keeping the pipelines is service & avoiding disruption
• Reducing the amount of released greenhouse gases such as methane
• Risk of contamination greatly reduced
• No need to drain down or backfill
• Can be applied to a large range of gasses, liquids and compressed air
• Ideal solution so isolating sections of mains pipework
• Can b used a variety of pipe sizes and materials
• Cost far less than needing to have the approval to shut down the full system

When should Hot Tapping Be Avoided?

Hot tapping companies know that the process should be avoided when the pipes contain a combustible or flammable substance. Examples include acids, chlorides and other chemicals that may become hazardous from the heat of the procedure. If the pipes contain pure oxygen, chlorine, or caustic, hot tapping should not be used.

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