Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes Doors

Investing in bespoke sliding wardrobes is a big decision. We all want perfectly organised clothing and accessories; how nice would it be to have easy to find items inside a wardrobe that also looks good!

No matter the size of your bedroom, you will most likely be able to make use of a bespoke sliding wardrobe, taking advantage of having a custom-built and functional space.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes

Before deciding on your sliding wardrobe design, it’s important to consider these factors…

  • Time to clear out! – You need to be ruthless and go through all your clothing to see what you wear and use. It can be helpful to separate summer and winter clothes and well as the type of item. If you haven’t worn the piece for the last year, there is little point it staying there and gathering dust. Consider selling it online, giving to family or friends or donating to a local charity shop. You will feel so much better and it will allow you to have a clear and organised wardrobe once it arrives.
  • Hanging space – How much hanging space do you need? With bespoke sliding wardrobes you can opt for double rails or stacked rails if you don’t have long clothing items
  • Drawers – Internal drawers are a great option for smaller items and accessories such as handbags and belts
  • Shelving – If you prefer to have folded clothes for items such as jeans, then incorporating shelving into your bespoke sliding wardrobe is a good idea
  • Wardrobe Doors – There are different options for bespoke wardrobes. The most popular is usually the sliding wardrobe doors as they have a modern look and save space when they open but there is usually a hinged door option or even mirrored
  • Consider floor to ceiling space – Most wardrobes will make use of floor to ceiling space, so you will have much more additional space compared to a standard wardrobe size.


Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes