Hot Tapping Companies

What is Hot Tapping?

Hot tapping, also known as pressure tapping, is the process of drilling or cutting into a pressurised system, such as pipelines or pressure vessels, without having to move the whole pipeline from being in service.

When is Hot Tapping Used?

Hot tapping is best utilised to repair areas of pipework that have mechanical damage or corrosion. Hot tapping companies can also use it if expansion is needed, such as adding branches for system modifications.

What are the Benefits for Hot Tapping Companies?

There are clear economic and environmental benefits to hot tapping companies by using this method
• Keeping the pipelines is service & avoiding disruption
• Reducing the amount of released greenhouse gases such as methane
• Risk of contamination greatly reduced
• No need to drain down or backfill
• Can be applied to a large range of gasses, liquids and compressed air
• Ideal solution so isolating sections of mains pipework
• Can b used a variety of pipe sizes and materials
• Cost far less than needing to have the approval to shut down the full system

When should Hot Tapping Be Avoided?

Hot tapping companies know that the process should be avoided when the pipes contain a combustible or flammable substance. Examples include acids, chlorides and other chemicals that may become hazardous from the heat of the procedure. If the pipes contain pure oxygen, chlorine, or caustic, hot tapping should not be used.

hot tapping companies

Turned Parts Manufacturers

turned parts manufacturers

Looking for Turned Parts Manufacturers?

Do you work in an industry that regularly uses turned parts? If you work in industries such as hydraulic, oil and gas, medical or petrochemical, amongst other sectors, the chances are you use equipment that contains turned parts every day.

Turned parts are specialist engineering components that require expert technicians and purpose-built machines to manufacture. If you are needing turned parts, then contact manufacturers that know what they’re doing and will provide dedicated services.

No matter what variation of part you are looking for, good turned parts manufacturers will have the capabilities to supply the ones that you require.


Types of Turned Parts

There are a selection of turned parts available to be manufactured. The most widely used ones are precision turned parts, steel turned parts, plastic turned parts and brass turned parts.

Precision Turned Parts – Manufactured using a combination of high-standard sliding head technology, CNC machinery and conventional engineering tools. They are principally used by industrial companies as replacements for damaged machinery parts. Work cannot be performed without these parts.

Steel Turned Parts – Good durability so has long-lasting abilities. They also do not corrode emphasising their strength. Affordable for bulk orders but still reliable.

Plastic Turned Parts – Can be created from various materials such as nylon, acrylic, PVCu and Polypropylene. Have excellent wearing characteristics, able to bear a lot and providing a cost-effective option should you not want to use metal.

Brass Turned Parts – Water resistant and does not suffer corrosion easily. Also offers aesthetic qualities, to give turned parts an enticing look, especially important for accessories that that will be seen or used by the public.

Turned parts feature in objects we all use every day. They are vital components that specialist manufacturers will work hard to supply you with if you need them to.

Dog Security West Midlands

dog security west midlands

Use a Dog Security Services in the West Midlands to Protect Your Business

As a business owner, your property is your prized asset; it can hold the key to all your operations. Critical data such as financial records, confidential employee details and client information are at stake if you do not implement strict security measures.

On top of this, most businesses house expensive equipment such as computers, that if stolen will be costly to replace and effect staff’s working capabilities which will then negatively impact company productivity.

One security measure that can be introduced to deter possible intruders is dog security. This involves a trained security dog with their qualified handler patrolling the premises checking for suspicious sightings, objects or disturbances. The dog can then alert their handler to an intruder or anything out by place by clear signalled barking, which will also distract an intruder.

If your business is based in the West Midlands and want professional security measures for your company premises, get in touch with a dog security West Midlands services company today. There are excellent companies that will provide the best security dogs and most experienced handlers to ensure you have full peace of mind when you clock off from work.

Bespoke Dog Security

Security dogs and handlers are guided by expert management teams to help guarantee all security procedures of completed. The best dog security companies in the West Midlands will liaise with clients on their type of business and premises, in order to devise an appropriate plan to each client individually that can then be enacted more practically.

Bespoke services will be much better for you as a client compared to a general service that may suit some businesses but not others.

If you are hosting an even on business premises, dog security can help venue protection without putting off guests, by examining the perimeter for trespassers.

Pot Magnets Uses

A pot magnet is a magnet that is encased in a steel shell, this can sometimes be called a pot hence why they are known as “Pot” magnets. The steel shell it is encased in helps the pot magnet increase its holding power.

There are many pot magnet uses, below we will name a few but there are so many more.

Pot magnet uses

Magnetic Light fittings, one of the pot magnets uses are that they are used to suspend light fittings from ceilings, the magnet can be attached to the light to hold into the metal in the ceiling.

Another of a pot magnet uses is for exhibition display signs, usually, countersunk pot magnets will be used to attach large exhibition display signs for marketing purposes.

Doorstops are another of a pot magnets uses, usually, an internally threaded stud pot magnet would be used for this. This would be used to protect a door from closing all the way shut.

Magnetic bases are another one of a pot magnets uses, these are deep internal threaded pot magnets that are used as a magnetic base for many things, such as tools, lights and gauges.

For all of the pot magnet uses there are many examples we could go on all day but the main types of pot magnet are Countersunk, through-hole, stud, internal threaded and bi pole, all of which have their own specific jobs.

When looking to purchase pot magnets, always buy from a reputable supplier and buy good quality. Things to look out for are :

No dirt or damage on the magnet: make sure that the magnet is clean, and has no defects, things like rust can cause air gaps between the magnet, decreasing the amount of holding power the magnet has.

Magnets can be made from materials that can be brittle, Look out for any chips or cracks on the surface of the magnet as this will affect the magnets strength and its holding power.

Magnets Pot Magnets




Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes Doors

Investing in bespoke sliding wardrobes is a big decision. We all want perfectly organised clothing and accessories; how nice would it be to have easy to find items inside a wardrobe that also looks good!

No matter the size of your bedroom, you will most likely be able to make use of a bespoke sliding wardrobe, taking advantage of having a custom-built and functional space.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes

Before deciding on your sliding wardrobe design, it’s important to consider these factors…

  • Time to clear out! – You need to be ruthless and go through all your clothing to see what you wear and use. It can be helpful to separate summer and winter clothes and well as the type of item. If you haven’t worn the piece for the last year, there is little point it staying there and gathering dust. Consider selling it online, giving to family or friends or donating to a local charity shop. You will feel so much better and it will allow you to have a clear and organised wardrobe once it arrives.
  • Hanging space – How much hanging space do you need? With bespoke sliding wardrobes you can opt for double rails or stacked rails if you don’t have long clothing items
  • Drawers – Internal drawers are a great option for smaller items and accessories such as handbags and belts
  • Shelving – If you prefer to have folded clothes for items such as jeans, then incorporating shelving into your bespoke sliding wardrobe is a good idea
  • Wardrobe Doors – There are different options for bespoke wardrobes. The most popular is usually the sliding wardrobe doors as they have a modern look and save space when they open but there is usually a hinged door option or even mirrored
  • Consider floor to ceiling space – Most wardrobes will make use of floor to ceiling space, so you will have much more additional space compared to a standard wardrobe size.


Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes